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CREC Inclement Weather Policy

Parent Portal - Information about our curriculum, CT Core Standards and activities to continue learning at home.

Bus Schedules - Learn more about transportation to the University of Hartford Magnet School.

Follett Destiny - CREC-wide Library Catalogue.

Daily Schedules [PDF]

2018-2019 UHMS Family Handbook

2018-2019 UHMS Pre-School Family Handbook

Family and Wellness Center

The Family and Wellness Center is a comprehensive health and family support resource for students, families, and members of the school community. Its purpose is to promote physical, social, and emotional health and wellness. With sensitivity to the health needs, beliefs, and values of diverse populations, the Center will:

  • Facilitate the development of a strong school-parent community through workshops, lectures, and educational programs
  • Coordinate a "parent curriculum" that parallels the student's learning so that learning is extended and reinforced at home
  • Integrate a developmental guidance approach with the Multiple Intelligences curriculum, emphasizing physical, social, and emotional health and wellness
  • Be a consultant and resource to teachers on issues of health, intercultural training, and family support
  • Provide primary health care services for students, families, and members of the school community
  • Provide services to children with special health care needs in collaboration with families and school staff
  • Provide individual and group support to students who are experiencing social and emotional difficulties
  • Refer and coordinate with other community health and human services for the school community

School Nutrition

In response to concerns about the use of food additives and artificial ingredients, UHMS has put nutrition initiatives in place.

We also offer some great web-based nutritional information. Whitsons Nutri-Café and Smart Calc Meal calculators are a fun, easy way for students and parents to see the food items offered in your cafeterias and get the nutritional information on those items. They can help highlight the nutritious foods we offer, as well as promote healthy choices and nutrition education. With drag and drop functionality and easy clickable item choices, users can easily see the difference in nutritional values of food items offered and build a healthy meal in minutes.